The “king of wines and wine of kings” Barolo, and his youngest relative, Barbaresco, should be mandatory tasting experiences within a wider culture of good drinking, not only for their stellar quality, but for their unique style. Unlike other Italian masterpieces that can be accompanied with more international grapes and flavors, these great classics are best expressed with their territorial typicality (100% Nebbiolo), following the rigorous Piemontese standards. Unlike many Barolo and Barbaresco on the market, which require considerable aging in order to express themselves in the best way and be more appreciated, the philosophy of Reversanti is to make each vintage directly accessible for release.

The Reversanti line now also includes other Piemontese wines: a golden Piemontese, fresh and deliciously aromatic: sweet Moscato d’Asti and the inevitable Barbera d’Asti, once considered a “rustic” wine, due to its high acidity, today it has increased its fame, thanks to modern and appropriate winemaking processes.

Reversanti could not miss a territorial digression with another great Italian classic: the aperitif for excellence, Prosecco, a sparkling wine with soft bubbles with intense hints of apples, almonds and wisteria flowers. Glera, the grape from which Prosecco is produced and the denomination are at home in the north-east of Italy: hence the digression in Veneto.

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